Adventures in Alberon Community Page

Our artists, makers, and everyone else who has supported us along the way!


Erika Valova - Campaign Artist

Erika has created all official character art for our campaign, and continues to provide the official artwork of Adventures in Alberon! She works quickly, always makes adjustments as desired, and can tackle most projects, currently available for commissions! 

Jonathan Wade - Cartography

Jon is a talented cartographer from our northern neighbor (hey Canada!) and has voluntarily crafted maps for us in the past. 

Sofie Bishoff - Art

Sofie is an incredibly talented artist with an immaculate eye for detail. She works fast, and her genuine excitement about bringing your vision to paper is infectious. 


Dicey Encounters - Handmade Dice

Created by Drew, a friend of the show and wonderful human being, Dicey Encounters is a hand-made dice company that produces stunning dice outside the realm of what is typically available. 

Want to help?

At AlberonRPG we believe heavily in supporting artists, local makers, and those who contribute to the D&D community as a whole. If you produce miniatures, artwork, maps, or any kind of D&D accessories, reach out and let us know! We strive to buy from smaller companies and suppliers within the community. 

For sponsorship ideas or donations, we are very selective. We are committed to maintaining control of our campaign, and cannot accept any donation, sponsorship, or gift that will alter or affect the main story. 

At present, the entire campaign (miniatures, maps, terrain, website, hosting feeds, ad fees, artwork, equipment, and an absurd amount of time) are funded entirely by our Dungeon Master, and all of our amazing viewers on twitch!

Direct all sponsorship, donation, or paid work offers to