Welcome to our Adventures in Alberon

Welcome to our Adventures in AlberonWelcome to our Adventures in AlberonWelcome to our Adventures in Alberon

About Us

Howdy folks! In January of 2019, we began a Dungeons and Dragons campaign in rotating locations in a world that had been built over nearly a decade. The campaign was set to be character-driven, and as the first dozen sessions unfolded, it was clear that we had a very unique selection of characters. We thought, "well, maybe we'll record it on a microphone." We are very proud of the story we're weaving, and equally proud to bring our campaign to you live, every Friday night at 8:30pm EST on Twitch! 

From the DM

I feel especially lucky to get to run this campaign for some of my best friends. Miles I've known since we were tiny, Aly since high school, Matt from my first job our of college, and Tina from the job I was working at the time. In a very real way, I get to play Dungeons and Dragons with people from every major part of my life. I set out with the goal to run the best campaign they'd ever played in, a story worthy of taking up their Friday nights, and I'm very excited to get to share Alberon with all of you live on twitch!


The World of Alberon

Alberon is in the 1471st year of the Third Age, the so-called Age of Civility. 6,000 years of history stand behind it, from the Genesis of Tyrants in 100 F.A. to the arrival of Aurillion's Star in the present-day, wars have been waged, gods have risen, and the land has been shattered and reshaped. 

Adventures in Alberon is set in 1471 T.A. and each action our party takes writes the most recent history of our world. Alberon is complex: everything has a reason, but not all reasons are relevant. 

Our Heroes


Morwen, Tabaxi Swashbuckler

A panther-black tabaxi who washed up on the shores of Dominion, Morwen quickly found a family in the crew of The Raging Harmony, a pirate ship. In an accident, she was separated from her friends, and has wandered the coasts ever since, the lone tabaxi on the continent of Dominion. 

Slowly, she has become the glue that holds The Finger Gang together, often the lone person with compassion for the grumpy dwarf Guntir. 


Guntir, Dwarf Solidarity Cleric

At 287-years-old, Guntir is the oldest member of the party. His past is full of aliases, alibis, and a series of scams and cons that span nearly 200 years. While attempting to steal from the Order of Might, Guntir was caught, and to avoid execution, conned his way into joining the order. Unable to escape, he completed his clerical training, and holds a resentful relationship with Kord. 

It has been a long time since Guntir has been able to use the term friends, and through the losses the party has sustained, it is becoming clearer that Guntir, through his rough and somewhat crusty exterior, values the group a great deal. 


Heinrich, Tiefling Celestial Warlock

Heinrich began the campaign as a member of the mysterious Portent, an organization serving Azrah, the Goddess of Rot, after accepting a deal he did not understand the depth of. Adrift in a way, feeling helpless to guide his own path, the party found Heinrich in Port Quinn. As he has grown to like the other members of his group, he renounced his fealty to Azrah, and was alone, without powers, in the dangerous world of Alberon. 

Recently, his selfless actions have found powerful eyes resting upon him once more, and he has found a new path in that of the celestial. 


Shae, Human Xinyi Monk

Shae came to the party searching for The Staff of Twisted Fates, an artifact of three parts, said to be able to turn aside "a blue star falling from the skies." She has accompanied the rest of the group out of a sense of convenience thus far, her monastic training and quick temper making her slow to trust. 

After bringing the group with her to the Xinyi Monastery, and with the guidance of the woman she considers a mother, Shae is beginning to see that there may be larger things at work, and has begun to work closer. 

Contact Us

Questions for the Cast? Business Inquiries? Questions for Joe?

Drop us a message and we'll respond when we can! Just remember, it's just our little group so be patient, it might take a few days for a response! Chat with us live on Twitch!